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AKAM1K3'S 2014: "UKE EN"

AKAM1K3'S 2014: "UKE EN"

In 2011 I decided to join the infamous “A Picture A Day” project, aka post one picture a day throughout the year. Not only is this a project that makes it easier to remember a year that goes by way to fast, but it also helps me to constant challenge myself and become better in this craft. Sometimes it’s a drag, but I’m really glad I decided to do this. It really helps to stay creative and focused. I’ll be posting these pictures every week. So here is “UKE EN” (week 1 in Norwegian), January 1-5:

January 1st: Start of the year by saying thanks to 2013, and getting ready for 2014.

January 2nd: Kickbackin’ with Lana.

January 3rd: Shootin’ with Norwegian recording artists Kaveh and Onkl P.

January 4th: That TØRN UP!

January 5th: First Sunday stroll.

Click here to see 2011, 2012, and 2013.

– akam1k3



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