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The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour

I love finding techniques that are simple but make the biggest impact when done correctly (example: Jerk + Penis = Loads of fun!) Unknown to me at the time was a terminology in landscape photography called “shooting at twilight”. It’s a certain time in the day when the sun either rises or sets and creates an array of colors in the sky while vampires suck the blood out of dorky, tripod holdin’ photographers. Call it Mother Nature’s acid trip or dinner with Robert Pattinson. The best thing about it though is the sky can be different in color even when you shoot at the same place, producing almost unique photos each time.

Throughout 2013, I’ve been chasing the sun in all areas of San Francisco whether at Sutro Bath, Pier 14, City Hall or the Golden Gate Bridge. 2014 will be pretty much the same except I hope to span certain parts of the globe this year. First stop…Iceland.

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