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TOMS Coffee – TOMS shoes has become the quintessential sneaker for the slacker hipster with its innovative donation program. That same type of philanthropy is coming to the world of coffee. TOMS Roasting Co. is all about giving, and each bag of coffee that is purchased means TOMS will donate a weeks worth of drinking water. Through their partnership with Water For People the shoemaker is now giving their fans a chance to give potable water to a developing nation. Besides all the giving the coffee is supposed to be pretty good, with the processing and roasting done right here in the US of A.

Source: TOMS Roasting Co.


Brooks Vantage – You want a clean runner? You’ll be hard pressed to fine anything more simple than the Vantage that Brooks released in 1976. The Vantage was one of the first few running shoes to win the coveted Runner’s World 5-Star award, a distinguishing honor given by the magazine. The uppers blend suede nubuck and nylon with a large Brooks logo on the quarter panel, and the comforting ride arrives with the patented Varus Wedge midsole. The sneaker may lack the trappings of today’s performance runners, but the classic runner style can complement any casual outfit.

Source: Brooks

Stussy Taipei 1 Year Anniversary – Streetwear in Taiwan has always been an afterthought when compared to the scene in Hong Kong, Japan, or even South Korea. But, last year Stussy took a chance and opened up Taiwan’s first Stussy Chapter store in Taipei. This month marks one year of business and to celebrate the Taipei store, they will release an exclusive that reads “ROC.” For those unfamiliar with Taiwan history the “ROC” is an acronym for “Republic of China,” which is sort of absurd considering China is a communist country. However, this is how Taiwan likes to be identified; politically separate from China, but wholly Chinese. Look for the T-shirt to be available in stores this weekend.

Source: Stussy

Seiki U-Vision Up-Converting HDMI Cable – I’m sure there is a few of you that have been tricked by those gold plated HDMI cables from Monster, but this $50 cable from Seiki is the real deal. Seiki realized that 4k content was going to take a lot longer than expected to arrive so they did the next best thing; up-converting existing 1080P content to 4K. Expect the cables to provide sharper contrast ratios and an overall better picture quality with the help of the cable. Now you just have to spend the 5-10k to get that 4K television.

Source: Engadget


Fashionable Shelby by Todd Selby – Fashionable Shelby is third book by the photographer Todd Selby that traverses through the world to profile designers in Luxembourg to the hipster knitter in Brooklyn. The book focuses on 42 individual through the inquisitive eye and offers up a colorful 348 pages. Get an in-depth look from the studios and workshops, to the muses and inspirations. The book is jam packed with pictures, but at its heart, it gets the reader closer to the individual designers.

Source: Amazon


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