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Taylor Stitch Telegraph Suit – Taylor Stitch is upping their menswear game for Spring 2015 by offering a lightweight suit perfect for those who travel. Using a lightweight Italian Birdseye wool, the jacket and bottom are both custom milled, and then hand tailored right here in California. The jacket follows a traditional two-button design with a two large front pockets and a third pocket at the chest. The cut is a bit on the slim side and will bode well with the svelte nature of the matching bottoms. Taylor Stitch is currently taking pre-orders, and those willing to commit during the phase, will save a couple of bucks.

Source: TaylorStitch

Audio-Technica ATH-R70x – Hard to believe that Audio-Technica has been in the business for this long before offering up their first open back reference monitors. For those of you who don’t know the difference, a “closed” back is more common and refers to the area behind the driver that is “closed” off. Closing off this areas means a more concentrated sound, but for those who are purists and want to hear the even the most random sounds the “open” format is the way to do it. The AHT-R70x is specially designed with huge 45mm drivers  that have been coupled with aluminum honeycomb mesh housings to give you an accurate and open-back sound. The headphones also feature dual-sided detachable locking cables that are signal independent, so proper stereo orientation is always available. These aren’t headphones for your iPhone, these are made for the studio and if your are listening to high quality music, it’s best to save your money.

Source: Audio-Technica

Prometheus Design Werx Griffin Skeleton Knife – I like to conceal my pocket knives, but when it comes to stabbing and twisting, (always stab and twist, only pussies slash) the fixed blade is the way to go. When the zombies come at you, grab the Griffin Skeleton Knife by Prometheus Design Werx. This is a precise blade cut from high-grade Bohler M390 steel and comes with a combo pry tip and cat paw nail puller. The holes in the handle cut the weight down, but rest assure that it still backs a wollop.

Source: Prometheus Design Werx

Diadora N9000 – Don’t make the mistake of sleeping on Diadora in 2015. This Italian sneaker brand is primed to make a return and the latest N9000 proves it. The premium runner arrives with buttery, soft suede that is flanked by mesh and leather. The sneaker does an excellent job of color blocking by leading with a soft grey toe box and filling in with a bright and bold red. The N9000 offers a casual look and gives sneakerheads to rotate between the usual Nike and adidas.

Source: NiceKicks

RETROSUPERFUTURE for A.P.C. – I already know the girls are creaming for this collaboration, and after a quick look, they’re right. After a successful collaboration last season, SUPER is back in the saddle with A.P.C., and the French fashion brand has decided on the Lunettes II. The frames offer a similar silhouette to the classic Wayfarer, but with a slimmer body, it cools every down. While the over-sized look as been the rage, this is a traditional look that goes well with everything. Think of this as the Nike Dunks for your eyes.

Source: A.P.C.

Dell XPS 13 – After Dell’s preview of the XPS 13 at CES this month, the specs and hands-on reviews are finally out. The unanimous response is that there is finally a worthy challenger from the PC camp against the reigning MacBook Air. Apple is known for having stable software and incredibly well-built hardware, and after 4 years in the lab, it looks like Dell has at least that hardware part down. Let’s start with the metal body and the carbon finish across the keyboard. Pair all that with a near bezel-less screen, and you have a 13″ ultrabook that is smaller than a MacBook Air. While it might be smaller than the Air, it touts the processing power of the MacBook Pro, and the real kicker is that it starts at just $800.

Source: Dell

Maharishi Manali Mid – It’s hard to challenge the timeless style of Clarks’ Desert Boots, but got to hand it to Maharishi for trying. The Manali Mid is a sneaker that blends the silhouette of a mountain boot with the simplicity of a sneaker. The profile is sleek and the soft suede uppers sit on a beautiful crepe leather sole. The shoes are offered in olive or black and the matching leather heel gives it just enough of an accent to still have a minimalist appeal.

Source: maharishi

Duo Notebooks – For those of us that prefer the feel of paper over a screen and stylus, there are a lot of notebooks to choose from. The most recent entry is Duo Notebooks and what sets them apart from Field Notes or a Moleskin is the paper. Duo Notebooks use paper that is pH-neutral and that means your work won’t fade over time. And the reason why they choose the name Duo is because these notebooks serve two purposes. One side is lined for your note-taking needs, while the other is blank for your doodles.

Source: Canoe

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