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Paul Smith Travel Suit – For those that like to be 30,000 feet up in the air, a suit is the last thing they want to wear. Sweatpants and a hoodie is my perfect traveling ensemble, but many can’t travel that way. Paul Smith has a solution for those that need to look dapper in the air. The new “A Suit To Travel In” has all the fine details and styling you’d expect from Paul Smith, but in a way more comfortable fashion. The suit is made from an elastic and breathable wool that allows you to move about freely. The suit also uses a high-twist yarn that bounces right into shape even after a few wrinkles.

Source: Paul Smith


Simon&Me Candles – When it comes to pricey stuff, it’s all about presentation. Simon&Me gets it, and their candles are attractively packaged like little cans of paint. The candle is made entirely in Germany from a mix of natural oils and eco-friendly wax. With over 40 hours of burn time, the candles are available in Lemongrass, Rosemary, and Mountain Pine. In addition to the miniature paint can packaging, each label is hand-painted and carefully affixed.

Source: local-store


KITH Classics Part 1 – KITH wants to start 2015 with a bang, and the Classics Part 1 is their way of adding their concept of function and style to basic athletic essentials. The Fulton hoody and the Bleeker sweatpants make a return, and KITH is ready to update these looks with technical upgrades. The Fulton is now a softshell that is breathable and waterproof, while the Bleeker now employs waterproof zippers. Besides the steady staples, KITH also has introduced a cut-and-sew long-sleeve T-shirt, and accessories such as the shoe-tree and “Worldwide” pin.

Source: KITH


Xiaomi Note Pro – Here’s the most powerful smartphone on the market. The title will probably change hands next week, but for today, it’s worth noting that it belongs to China’s Xiaomi. The Note Pro arrives with a 5.7 inch 2k screen that offers twice the resolution of HD handsets. In addition to the rich screen, the phone boasts an industry leading octa-core 64-bit Snapdragon 810 SoC, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage. The camera is no slouch either, with the rear camera boasting 13 megapixels, and the front facing offering 4 megapixels. The best part is that this powerful phone is set to retail at $530, about a quarter less than their closest rival, the Samsung Note 4.

Source: PhoneArena


Acne Adrian – When it comes to simple luxury sneakers, Common Projects is usually the name that comes to mind. They have done a fine job with the low-cut Achilles silhouette, but I believe Acne is going to give them a run for their money. The Adrian is another tennis shoe with a low-cut profile and slimming shape, and it does a masterful job of looking clean and expensive. The use of a beautiful grain leather gives the sneaker a refined appeal, and the details on the vulcanized sole are also apparent. Look for the Adrian in white and in black for $380.

Source: Acne


In order to get a charge, Ampy wants your butt to get into gear. The Ampy Energy Charging Device is an external battery that holds a spare 1000 mAh charge. But, instead of simply plugging the Ampy into an electrical outlet, it charges through kinetic energy that your body generates from moving. The gadgetry is similar to how automatic watch movements work, and just hoofing it up the stairs would generate the inertia to give the Ampy a charge.

Source: Ampy


Patagonia Nano-Air Vest – Sometimes it’s just too warm for sleeves – and that’s how the vest was born. Last year Patagonia’s Nano-Air hoodie and jacket took home the coveted Gear of the Year award, and rightfully so. It was extremely light, very thin, breathable, windproof, and water-resistant. What’s not to like? Apparently, not much, as Patagonia adds a vest to the collection. For $50 less than the jacket, you can get the same Nano-Air technology sans sleeves.

Source: Patagonia


Greats Wilson Suede – One one side of the sneaker spectrum we have the Acne Adrian, and on the more affordable side we have the Wilson Suede from the Greats. Neither the Adrian, nor the Wilson Suede is going to break any necks, but then again the Wilson Suede is about an eighth of the price. For $59, the Wilson Suede is a reliable low cut sneaker that is made with suede uppers, comes with a comfy velour-lined interior, and a clean vulcanized rubber outsole. Look for four colorways of the Wilson Suede to drop January 20.

Source: Greats


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