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Rendezvous :: Micaela

Rendezvous :: Micaela

At the end of last year, I booked some major campaigns, and with that, I came up on a lot of money. With that money I wanted to upgrade my lifestyle, so I did what every man should do: I hired myself a hot Italian lady Chef. The agreement would be that I get home-cooked meals made for me three days a week, and in return, I take photos of the said hot chef. And that is how I met Micaela. She has been making the most amazing dishes these past few months and it has been just a great treat, my friends! I recently decided to put together all the photos I have taken of her and put it in one long post!

That is not how we met. We met through a make up artist friend of mine, who is also hot and Italian, and we decided it would be a good idea to shoot. She does make bomb food apparently, but we have not made such deals, and I do not know what her cooking tastes like. So there you go. If you do know of a person who’s down to cook for photos though, you make sure you pick up a camera and become a photographer. Because it’s just that easy… right?




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