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By Bobby Hundreds

1) Clearly fake. Although they say it’s real. Which is mean and weird.

2) What do Universal and Mattel have as far as copyright claims go considering the art and design of the board? Whoa, that was way legal.

3) Why would all these “celebrities” get involved and how much $$$ and effort is behind this practical joke? Is this the year of Dumb Starbucks?

4) Why would they go through all the effort of doing this, but not correct all the obvious rigging in post-production, like the fact that everyone’s shoulders get mysteriously pulled upwards when they hover, or that you can see the shadow of the crane throughout the video?

5) Why is Chris Lloyd credited for only Back to the Future II, when he was casted in the entire trilogy, and the hoverboard was featured in both II and III?

6)  Who is trying to make money here?

HELP ME understand. Leave Comments below.

EDIT: NEEEEEVERMIND. My friend just explained what it’s for :/

(at least use the Back to the Future converted DeLorean…)