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My friend was talking to me about inspiration today, and I realized that like falling in love, it hits you when you’re least expecting it. Because it’s during those times when you’re susceptible and open-minded to something different.  You’re okay with change.  I used to consider my creative dry spells as stumbling blocks or frustrated chapters in the process, but really they were what I needed to transition to greater things.

The rain knocked me out the past few days – I stayed inside, off Instagram and away from the outside world, and surrendered myself to books and ideas. By the close of the weekend, I had written down over 100 concepts for T-shirt graphics.  Inspiration never really sprung forth.  But I stayed open and alert and free of distraction.  I think that might be the biggest problem – that great ideas are always out there, but there’s so much mindless filth to keep you from it.

Scotty, Patrick, Albie and I had some business to tend to in the city this morning, so afterwards we ventured up to Rosewood to see what was going on with the block.  So much has changed on Fairfax, yet so much stays the same.  Some of these dudes are my family, some are bitter enemies, but I’ve watched them all grow up.  Rugrats are turning into pro skaters, high school kids into rap artists, and not to mention all the cool new brands popping up.  There are just as many rumors of new shops opening on Fairfax as there are physical doors.  The vets raise eyebrows, the kids complain, but there’s nothing new under the sun.  It’s the way of Fairfax, it’s own circle of life, it’s own ecosystem.  The best part is you can come experience it for yourself, and be a part of the story.

How cool is Modernica?  How can you stand here and not be inspired?

Ben and I had lunch with Arsen and Vlad of Hall of Fame at Fisherman’s Outlet downtown.  We’ve been down with these two since the Kendo days, since Loose Tooth at Joseph’s days, since I could barely understand Vlad because of how thick his New York accent was days.  It’s been really nice and encouraging to grow alongside and with these brothers of ours in the Streetwear game.  There aren’t many people you can trust in this world – especially the further you get down the line – so you gotta stick close to the ones you not only trust, but respect.  Don’t you think it’s time we worked on another collaboration with these guys?

By the way, Arsen always has the craziest Nikes on.  Does anyone remember these? They aren’t recent, they’re from a few years back and were forgotten about. Sometimes Nike can be way ahead of even themselves.

Speaking of forgetting, I totally misplaced this T-shirt in my mind.  How could I?  It’s our Hieroglyphics collaboration from our The Hundreds San Francisco opening.  One of our most fastest-selling-out tees ever. Took just a couple hours.  I wish I still had mine…


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