By Bobby Hundreds

August 19, 2010

Day Two at the MAGIC Trade Show.

Norm (AWR/MSK) doin’ what he do best.

Ease Da Man + Flava Flav = America’s Nightmare.

Arsen (Hall of Fame) and Javs (How To Make it in America)

There are lots of famous rappers in this booth, like Lloyd Banks and Juelz and BG, and lots of happy girls.

Gomez stops by our booth. Of course. Papa got a brand new bag.

This is his own brand, Cocaine Keg Stand.

Hey that’s Pamela over at the HUSTLER booth.

My long lost buddies over at MARILLEST:

Right downstairs from MAGIC is the PROJECT show, which is basically the same thing except guys roll up their pants here and have really bad hair.

Not Paul though!

Paul runs Moods of Norway here in the States. Awesome, colorful, affordable suits, wovens, shoes, you name it.

The homeys over at Local Celebrity:

These guys also have a great idea. The perfect white t-shirt.

After the show, Ben and I hooked up with Willie T, Norm, and Casey (The Seventh Letter) to go watch guys get in an octagon and hurt each other.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds