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We get so many photographs from you guys (and gals) getting The Hundreds tattoos. Whenever I make one of these posts, the entire rest of the day we get bombarded with e-mail asking everything from “How do you feel about that?!” to “How could you do this to these poor kids?!

If anything, it’s flattering for us to see. So, THANK YOU to the devoted. As far as “doing this” to our supporters, need I remind you that we’re not holding a (tattoo) gun to anyone’s head here.

I once asked Usugrow how he felt about his fans getting his artwork tattooed on themselves, and not by his own hand. Out of honesty, he admitted that he didn’t really understand it, but whatever.. If it made them happy…

And that’s the thing with these The Hundreds tattoos that we’ve been seeing over the past few years. Most of them are pretty dope, but many are drawn wrong, backwards, incorrect coloration, inverted, or just bad handiwork in general. But to the person wearing it, it’s the coolest thing in the world, and who am I to judge that?

None of us here at TH have a The Hundreds-related tat, in fact, I don’t think I personally know anyone who does. But the reality is that the brand has moved beyond us, and to the people who get an Adam Bomb inked on themselves, it means something different and something more to our fans then whatever you may perceive The Hundreds to mean in your own life.

So, sure, you could say these are our tattoos, but you know what, they belong to you.

And why the hell not, courtesy of Joe Stewart, GOLD FISH x THE HUNDREDS =

by bobbyhundreds

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