By Bobby Hundreds

March 30, 2009

Riffing off the response I got for my commentary on the classic hardcore pullover hoody (over on my Hypebeast blog), I thought it’d be fitting to give you more visual insight as to what early hardcore’s style was all about. The cut-off camos, bandanas, sportswear aesthetic, hoodies, Adidas running shoes.. depending on the era you grew up in and where you lived, it ranged from borderline-rockabilly to junglist raver to jocko toughguy to beachside surf steez. Amidst all the straight-edge tenets, vegetarianism, DIY ethic, punk philosophy,… at its core (no pun intended), it was all about the live music. These should help you get a better impression of where The Hundreds came from.

Inside Out.

Chain of Strength.

Youth of Today.

Earth Crisis.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds