Bobby's New Show THIS IS NOT A PODCAST is Now Available

Bobby's New Show THIS IS NOT A PODCAST is Now Available

By Bobby Hundreds

September 02, 2019

One of the worst kept secrets in the world of The Hundreds these last few months has been that Bobby was working on his first podcast series. A podcast from Bobby is one of the more frequent requests we get at The Hundreds, maybe right behind announcing another warehouse sale or restocking various classic collabs, so we were very excited to develop this show for all of you.

The timing was perfect. Bobby released his first book, This Is Not a T-Shirt, in June, filled with countless nuggets of knowledge pertaining to business, relationships, self-development, and pushing through adversity, among a wide range of other topics. Many of the chapters are hyper-relatable to those that have been through similar struggles in business or their personal lives, so we felt it would add an entirely new dimension to the book to dive into those themes with guests who could also speak on them.

10 episodes. 10 incredible guests from the worlds of music, business, design, television, and film. Today, we’re happy to announce that the first three episodes, featuring in-depth discussions with Fred Durst, Ellen Bennett, and Dom McLennon, have premiered across most major podcast platforms and are ready for you to enjoy. One thing we’d ask is that you please subscribe and leave us a review, whether it be your thoughts on the show, a question for Bobby, or even just asking us when the warehouse sale is going down.

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