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The Next Episode.

The Next Episode.

When we started The Hundreds in 2003, a “blog” was a daily journal. Nobody at the time thought to integrate a live broadcast with an apparel brand, but that’s exactly what we did.  Over the next few years, The Hundreds came to be known not just as a leader in clothing, but content, culture, and the Streetwear community, all through my blogging adventures.

That transparency around our lifestyle was soon adopted by all as social media unfolded. Before long, every brand had an engaged and public presence with their audience. And then, their audience became brands of their own.

Today, the definition of “blog” has been pulled in every direction, whether it’s an online diary, a company news feed, or a web magazine. Furthermore, people seek content differently in 2016. Instead of logging directly onto a web address, they are most often led there by a link, shared through social media, or passed around in an email.

As we continue to work on our main mission here at The Hundreds—masterful storytelling—our original content will continue to live directly on We also encourage you to follow us across all social media (@thehundreds) to point you back home—where, throughout the day, our team brings you what’s next for the clothing, culture, and community. is your new destination for our Shop. Heads up, we are also in the process of bringing you a new online retail experience, which we are excited to invite you to soon.

Thanks for the support over the years as we adapt, evolve, and keep The Hundreds two steps ahead.

-Bobby Hundreds


Follow The Hundreds on Instagram @thehundreds, Twitter @thehundreds, Tumblr, and Snapchat (TheHundreds).

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