By Bobby Hundreds

June 20, 2011

One thing people tend to forget (and I can’t really blame them) is that although The Hundreds is its own brand, we are unique in the apparel sector because we also act as the media through this blog you’re reading here. It’s a precarious situation, one that’s gotten us into our fair share of drama with those who think that just because something ends up written about on our website, that means we endorse it. Not always true, and it’s an important distinction to make.

When MTV runs a series on self-loathing racists who molest barn animals, they’re not saying, “Hey, we’re MTV, and we think self-loathing racists who molest barn animals are really cool.” They’re identifying and documenting phenomena. And just because I write an article about Nike, or talk about dubstep, or photograph a porn star, doesn’t mean that The Hundreds proudly stands behind DJs who wear Dunks while having sex on camera. A good example is The Feed, which is our daily product news magazine. Of all the sneakers, t-shirts, and baseball caps we report on, I could manage to wear probably 5% of the featured items. Doesn’t mean it’s not newsworthy though.

Speaking of newsworthy, V-Nasty. The fair-skinned rapper is from the ‘hood, has lead a tumultuous young life, and has been (as of late) lambasted all over the Internet for being a white girl dropping N-bombs. (That’s the part where I clear my throat, and gently remind you to re-read what I wrote above). We followed her around downtown Berkeley and filmed while she discussed growing up in the Bay and what life looks like from her perspective. It’s all for a new series we’re starting called “The Life in a Day” where we open the window into different personalities’ lives, from all over the spectrum, and you get to tag along.

Because at the end of the day, not everyone’s gonna be like you, think like you, and live their lives in a way that best suits your world views. And you can either fight that and lose, or accept it and learn.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds