RECAP :: The First Leg of Bobby's Big Book Tour Ends Its Run in Seattle

RECAP :: The First Leg of Bobby's Big Book Tour Ends Its Run in Seattle

By Bobby Hundreds

August 07, 2019

After Bobby made a quick stop in Maui for very serious business purposes and lots of intense work, the This Is Not a T-Shirt Book Tour traveled all the way to the Pacific Northwest for two events in Seattle.

The first: a mandatory check-in with the mothership at Amazon. There are unsubstantiated internet rumors that first-time authors must appear at the Amazon headquarters upon arrival in the Amazon Territory Formerly Known as Seattle to bow at the feet of the Bezos statue and make an offering of their finest livestock and a Black Adam T-Shirt. They must also put their right hand on a Kindle Fire and swear that they’ve never owned or used a jailbroken Amazon Fire Stick with all of the new movies and pay-per-views. The Book game is so crazy.

After the sacrificial offering and subsequent book signing, Bobby visited his favorite shop in Seattle, Can’t Blame The Youth. CBTY’s founder, Nick Beeba, would be the special guest moderator at Bobby’s book release event at University Bookstore later that night.

A ton of The Hundreds family pulled up to University Bookstore, continuing the streak of huge turnouts on Bobby’s Big Book Tour. Huge shout out to Zachary Fajardo for coming out to shoot the event. Now that the first pressing of the book is gone and the first leg of the tour is over, Bobby is going to take a quick nap because he hasn’t slept since early 2018. Keep an eye on Bobby and The Hundreds Social Media for updates on new book tour dates and appearances soon.

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