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The Best of Giant Robot's Post-It Show

The Best of Giant Robot's Post-It Show

Meet Eric Nakamura – The force behind Giant Robot, what started as an “Asian Pop Culture” ‘zine 20 years ago, long before it was trendy stateside to be into Murakami, vinyl figures, or Korean tacos. One of my first jobs was writing for GR in college, actually. Eric opened Giant Robot stores in the 2000s. There are 2 here in LA (he laid the groundwork for what Sawtelle is today). And this happens to be his 11th Post-It show at GR2.

It actually ended up being 500 artists this time. 3,000+ squares. $25 each (Can you imagine this gallery bookkeeping nightmare?) With a line of camped-out fanatics down the block, all champing at the bit to get at an Audrey, a Groening, rumors of a James Jean Post-It..?

Nathan Ota:

Fashion designer, Todd Oldham:

John Martz:

Aaron Brown

Ariel Mar:

Shino Nakozo:

Mike Lee (this is all done with pencil):

Custer Kaboom:

I THINK this is Kozyndan:

There’s one of the Matt Groenings!

Ryan Cho:

Thinh Nguyen:

And the MVP, Audrey Kawasaki. She had maybe 6 or 7 contributions to this Post-It show, and most in line were looking for hers.

I don’t know who did this one, but it’s a nice homage:

This one too. Obviously, I’m biased.


Amy did this one. You know, Amy Fry. One of my favorite artists ever – the one who draws T-shirts for us sometimes, or you might catch her up front at The Hundreds reception..?

Be still my beating heart. It’s Jaime Hernandez of Love and Rockets.

Probably my favorite of all, by Jaime.

Nevermind. This Audrey is definitely up there.

I’ll take all of these.

Ryan Heshka:

Shark Tooth:

Travis Lampe:

Jacob Magraw Mickelson:

Sean Chao:

Jim Lee. MARVEL’S JIM LEE. The one my parents kept comparing me to as a kid because he was Korean-American and had gotten wildly successful off of his comic book art. Word was he had bought his parents new Benzes, and that was like a BIG deal in the Korean-American community.

Nevermind. This is it.

So, by now, some of the better Post-Its are already gone, but I drove by this afternoon and the walls were still decked with art. Good news is that there’s a follow-up show this next weekend, actually. So, here’s your chance.

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