By Bobby Hundreds

January 05, 2011

Seattle, Washington is a beautiful city. This is my first time here in a decade I feel, and it’s impossible not to stare at the surroundings. A full-on cool city, couched between snow-capped mountains and a bay, rain-slicked streets, crispy air. It’s good up here.

Didn’t get much shots during the day for you guys, sorry about that, but Ben, Scotty, and I are holed up at the historic Ace Hotel. I believe that of the Portland, Palm Springs, and New York locations, this is the first actual Ace.. with about 28 rooms over 10 years ago. I think this actually used to be an old halfway house or something. The crew of dudes who started it just wanted to start up a cool, creative-minded boutique hotel. And they definitely did it.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds