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Obama wins but America is as divided as ever. The theme of this election cycle was cynicism. Doubtfulness that either leader was capable enough, that voting matters, that things could ever change. Like a plague, these skeptical barbs dug into the fabric of our social involvement. Low voter turnouts, relentless online comment hate, hissing at the system. It’s all so unfortunate, really, because the negativity cloaked the apathy, which was largely underbased with laziness and a brazen ignorance.

The fact is that we live in a great country, one that provides freedoms that aren’t to be taken for granted. One in which the underdog can have an idea, and work hard at that idea, and have it blossom into something big and amazing. My parents immigrated to this country in the ’70s with nothing. My mom sat at home by herself everyday, watching Oprah to learn how to speak English, while my dad endured job interviews where the employers spit demoralizing racial epithets to his face before kicking him out. But they worked hard, and they provided for me so that I could work hard, and today The Hundreds has a vast audience, and could this really have happened anywhere besides the United States of America?

Every day is a beginning and your opportunity to make this country better. Aren’t satisfied with the election results or jaded by shallow political promises? Stay informed, get involved, and do something about it to make it better. This land is your land, this land is my land. You own it, so act like it.

And congratulations to Mr. Barack Obama. Another 4 more years, President! Let’s make ’em count.

I love America. God bless the USA.

by bobbyhundreds

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