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It’s a long holiday weekend here in the States, so I’m gonna brave the rain and step outside for a bit. (Probably start off by watching the new Indiana Jones like 7 times). In the meantime, do yourself a favor and check out our new sidebar blogs that are being constantly updated with all sorts of visual-candy, mindless drivel.

Switch keeps all your product news moving on The Feed, including some heavy exclusives like a look at our boy Maxx’s Bearbrick for Japan’s Zac Pac.

The Photo BooTH is your look into THLA’s happenings here on Rosewood Ave. (What about THSF? Stay tuned).

Ah yes. There’s Neek. Life in Las Vegas is more than neon signs, showgirls, and debauchery. Apparently, it’s all about fixed-gear bikes, strip malls, and.. debauchery.

One of our newest sidebar blogs, Video Daze, reflects our growing fascination with 10-second windows into bizarre realities. I’m still not laughing at the American Gladiator chick.

Sure, ynoT? This is Tony’s blog from in and around The Hundreds San Francisco. This is what I’ve learned today. Skateboards, Morrissey, high heels, beer. Thanks Tony.

Yasi’s been going at it with her advice column. Ask Yasi anything your heart desires. And then she’ll track you down on Myspace and really lace into you. Case in point.

This month on GIVE, we are referring you over to weSPARK, a commendable organization that provides a community for cancer patients, their families and friends. Please check it out, and if you’re up for it, donate.

Oh, yeah, and this is my blog. Hi.

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