By Bobby Hundreds

January 20, 2010


I keep hearing questions as to why such a devastating earthquake hit the most pained nation in our hemisphere, Haiti. How could this happen to good people already in desperate need? Obviously, there’s no veritable answer, but I do know one thing… although the end never justifies the means in a situation like this, for the first time ever, the entire world is finally paying attention to a grief-stricken country. This earthquake was the worst possible thing that could ever happen to Haiti but if there is ANY silver lining, it’s that for once, they are finally getting help that they have been searching for. Shame on the rest of us for ignoring the problem so long, that it took a natural disaster to get us to notice.

I also do want to point out that although there is an urgent need coming from Haiti, there are also countless communities around the world who could use your assistance.. including right at your front doorstep. From my scant internet research, I understand that Haiti is looking primarily for cash donations over food, clothing, and other materials… so perhaps you can donate your old The Hundreds jeans to a local Goodwill or something of the like. If Haiti has taught us anything, it’s that we have an increasing responsibility to watch out for our worldwide brethren, whether they’re in our neighborhood or in the Caribbean. It’s 2010 and with the aid of the Internet, a broadened economy and marketplace, we are a globalized generation. We are a singular community, one unified people. We make clothes in China, listen to music from Europe, we’re inspired by Japanese design, and so on … so if your Haitian brother needs a hand, help him up.




photo courtesy of Reuters who just announced a 6.1 aftershock in Haiti.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds