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Yesterday, the Design side of the office spent the afternoon at LACMA for a little inspiration trip. The hyped Tim Burton exhibition is winding down at the museum and we had to see what all the fuss was about. Aside from the film props like Batman’s masks, Nightmare Before Christmas dolls, and Edward Scissorhands’ scissorhands, the real art consisted of Tim Burton’s sketches, comics, limericks, animated videos, and paintings that he’s amassed throughout his life. Definitely worth it, try to go on a weekday to avoid the crowds, and prepare to be screamed at like Ben if you try and take photos.

The exhibition took about an hour so we perused the rest of LACMA. This is a massive elevator, in case you were wondering why we’re just staring at each other blankly in a big red room.

Jeff Koons is an American pop art BAWSE. His balloon animals are some of his most familiar works.

One of my favorite Koons works would have to be the yacht.

Robert Therrien:

And the big draw at LACMA right now is the ASCO exhibition.

…”elite of the obscure”…”a collection of the anonymous, the undocumented, and selected barrio stars…”

While we’re on the subject of fine art, ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Christina Hendricks:

by bobbyhundreds

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