By Bobby Hundreds

September 19, 2013

So much history in this room. Backside in Burbank has been one of our loyal authorized stockists for years, but that comes with quite a legacy.  Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park commented on my Instagram when I posted Eric and Alex (below) that the band used to play here before they blew up.  Over the years, they’ve gone from being a music-driven shop to accomodating Streetwear as well.  Along with The Hundreds, they’re also dedicated to Soul Assassins, Obey, SSUR, and Akomplice.

thehundreds0476 thehundreds0469 thehundreds0472

This has gotta be the best Streetwear t-shirt out right now. They can’t keep it on the shelves here at Backside. And of course, it’s from our Mo Val friends at The Forest Lab.


The heart and soul of the store still thrives in the back.


Music never dies.


Bobby Hundreds