By Bobby Hundreds

April 01, 2014

Edit 4/2/2014 : This was our annual April Fool’s joke. To read why we did this, click on the follow-up story HERE.

As a media outlet, not a day goes by where I don’t get a press release to my inbox regarding an “urgent” and “innovative” news story to break.  More often than not, it’s a startup label pushing their latest T-shirt collection or a new sneaker somebody wants somewhere.

This morning was different. This morning, I got this:

So. Thoughts?

Fairfax is home.  We built this block.  And by “we,” I don’t just mean The Hundreds alone, or the first family of shops from SLB to Reserve to T (Remember T?).  By “we” I mean you, I mean us, the ones who built this culture and community, who believed in these independent brands and starved designers and had nothing else but this culture as our refuge, our passion, our lifestyle, and livelihood.

Would you let just anyone into your home?  Would you sit there and watch them rob, rape, and pilfer your hard work, your soul invested, your life?

Anyone who doesn’t contribute, takes away.  All those who aren’t familiar, are the enemy.  This is where we draw the line.  This is our Fairfax.


Bobby Hundreds