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Hope you’re enjoying the weekend and you’re out and punching small people and eating Taco Bell for no clear reason other than your mouth is bored. But if you’re stuck at home tonight, then why not fire up the ol’ Netflix and wade through all the shark movies and Chipotle documentaries, and lose yourself in an acclaimed film? Need some help? We’re here for you.

A few of us on staff rattle off the Netflix movies we’re watching. Right. Now.

Mac :: The Hundreds Executive Editor

Right now I’m watching :: Gladiator

Because :: There hasn’t been a moment in my life that wouldn’t have been good for a “Gladiator” therapy session. There’s something about watching Russell Crowe blast into the arena swords akimbo slaying his foe that makes me want to armor up and go into battle. I am sort-of bummed that Netflix decided to actually grow some testes and offer real movies, though.

There was something comforting about the memories of shoving Fatburger into my fat face whilst enjoying the junk-food bullshit that Netflix used to offer, like “Return of the Living Dead 3,” where the early 20’s knock-out brunette has to harm herself to feed the undying hunger for flesh. Ironically, they’ve since disbanded some of my more select cult treats in favor of picking up blockbuster classics like “Titanic,” “Braveheart,” etc. Thanks for making my BluRay collection obsolete, assholes.


Jayne :: The Hundreds Senior Apparel Designer

Right now I’m watching :: The Punk Singer

Because :: Pure nostalgia to revisit the most influential musical period of my youth, when I was engrossed in all things riot grrrl and Poot, trying to relate to something in a male-dominated punk skate scene.


Josh CLSC :: The Hundreds Sales

Right now I’m watching :: Juice (or “Paid in Full.”)

Because :: I think 2Pac did a great acting job in it, and watching this movie at a younger age helped me choose the right people to surround myself with (not really). “Paid in Full” is like a “Scarface,” watch it a million times and never get bored of it. Your classic rise-to-the-top and fall-to-nothing type of movie.

“American Me,” gangster ass shit. RIP Little Puppet.


Patrick Hill :: The Hundreds Creative Director

Right now I’m watching :: Monsters

Because :: Ultra low-budget alien invasion movie that examines what happens after the invasion is over and life goes on. The special effects are terrible, but the landscape and scenery is beautiful.


Jon Hundreds :: Mixed Media Productions

Right now I’m watching :: The Professional

Because :: It’s a bittersweet story of vengeance.


Zachary “Horndawg” Marshall :: The Hundreds Filmer / Editor

Right now I’m watching :: Heathers

Because :: The humor is dark and the plot is unbelievable at times, but this only adds to the surreal atmosphere and unforgettable lines. It’s a dark comedy that ranks up there with “Barton Fink” and “Dr. Strangelove” — and perhaps one of the best teen comedies ever made.


Mahtab :: The Hundreds Marketing Coordinator

Right now I’m watching :: The Iran Job

Because :: Honestly, there haven’t been a lot of interesting fictional movies on Netflix right now so I’ve gravitated towards the majority of their documentaries. The one I watched a couple nights ago I found really interesting was “The Iran Job.” It’s a documentary about a basketball player from the US Virgin Islands that goes to play on a professional team in Iran. The film was raw, not this carefully curated documentary that’s one sided which you’d assume would only show the struggles of an American trying to fit into this country that is deemed unsafe (sorry that’s a run on sentence). Instead, you have an underdog sports movie wrapped in a country’s political turmoil on the verge of another revolution. You really get to connect with all of the characters and get a real glimpse into how their lives are at that time. At one point I even shed a tear.

I give it 4.5 gelelele’s!


Me :: Me

Right now I’m watching :: The Rocketeer

Because :: of Jennifer Connelly. This is where we fell in love (we were too young for each other with “Labyrinth”). The movie released when I was 11 years old, just as I was discovering that I have a thing for beautiful women and that I needed to do something about it. Aside from that, the Disney film about a dude whose mad scientist friend invents a powerful machine that he takes advantage of much to his own misfortune, which then falls into the wrong hands, and is then restored to its rightful owner for redemptive good is… HEY WAIT, THEY TOTALLY BIT “BACK TO THE FUTURE.”

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