LA THROUGH AND TRUE :: The Ben Baller Interview

By Shirley Ju

When you think of Ben Baller, you may automatically think of jewelry and the vast list of hip-hop stars he has iced out, perhaps best immortalized by A$AP Ferg’s... READ MORE 


By Bobby Hundreds

THE HUNDREDS COMMISSIONS BEN BALLER TO CREATE WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE DIAMOND-ENCRUSTED GOLD CHAIN The Hundreds is pleased to announce the unveiling of the world’s most expensive diamond-encrusted gold chain,... READ MORE

The Man. The Myth. Mossimo.

By Bobby Hundreds

A lot of us go to college without ever going to class, but Mossimo went to USC without being enrolled at all. He not only convinced his dad that he was a student by falsifying report cards, Mossimo got him to fork over fees with fake tuition bills... READ MORE

How Mossimo Went from Being Head-to-Head with Stussy to Target's In-House Brand

By Alex Banks

There was a time when the name “Mossimo” was as ubiquitous with the notion of “cool” as Stussy was. While Stussy has continued to evolve and gather new fans decades after the brand first emerged from Irvine/Laguna Beach, CA, Mossimo has become a symbol for what happens when a label has soaring success, a rapid crash, and a rebirth and reentry into the marketplace via a “big box” retailer... READ MORE