WINGIN' IT :: Jesse Furman Makes Rob Heppler's

WINGIN' IT :: Jesse Furman Makes Rob Heppler's "Douchebag Bolognese"

By The Hundreds Staff

February 16, 2016

In our latest series, “Wingin’ It,” we invite Chef Jesse Furman, the Chief Clucker (aka head chef) at Free Range LA, into our friends’ homes to whip up a work-of-art with whatever’s on hand.

Jesse hits up the home of the infamous Rob Heppler (usually found at Cecconi’s or Mr Chow or taking selfies with Ja Rule) to prepare his latest masterpiece using only items from HepDog’s pantry. First, “Rob Heppler’s Douchebag Bolognese,” made with vegetables, bacon, ground beef, hot dog weenies, spaghetti, parmesan cheese, olive oil, tomato sauce, and anything a man-child would eat. Rob subsequently gets Jesse shitfaced, so naturally the next step is drunken dessert: Jesse’s “Drunk Fried Oreos,” complete with Oreos, pancake mix, maple syrup, and butter pecan ice cream. Savor this one.


Rob Heppler has the best Instagram of all time. Follow him at @robheppler.

The Hundreds Staff