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Welcome to the neighborhood

Welcome to the neighborhood

javier nunez kangaroo
To announce the new tri-force of offices in the Norma triangle we held a little party. The Projects provided most of the event, a DJ, free tattoos, plus a kangaroo. The herculean brand in a brand Jon Buscemi invited 600 of his closest friends and got Heineken to drop off 60 cases of beer. And Mara and Mine took credit and looked pretty. If you do not see you picture here I totally invited you. Peter Fahey why were you not here? Please tell me you were out of the country or something.

ashliegh dempster joe 3h matt george
Ashleigh, 3H, Ashleigh’s Husband

billy whitehouse nick ingate michael B jordan
Currently starring in Fruitvale Station and every billboard in Hollywood, Michael B. Jordan.

rob heppler wu tangThe shirt that will almost definitely get Kirk punched in the face, new For All To Envy.

Mitch TomlinsonLife Without Andy covered the party as well… with a much better camera.

hot girls Gianpaolo Altomari wayne marmont matt senna art director garrett leight sunglasses vlad ssur kelis
My milkshake brought Kelis to the party!

codey doran
13 people partook in the free tattoos given.

benny ballarin en noir robEn Noir

happy arsen for all to envyAnother great shirt by Kirk.

arsen slantaganis arnold espirantu ssur robinHis and her Ssur

cameron klippsten spantoSpanto

gary rosenSecond best copywriter in the room, Gary Rosen

samuel cooper cbg bone gaunlet milhouse jackie chris garciaChris Garcia you got red on you.

jamo hatsa aimee fischer-gray

johnny kramer life without andyStill Living Life Without Andy

maureen sebastian nick hatsatouris buscemi dyrdek

moschino belt

shayan afshar mara and mine office bo bushnell director cody kennedy3rd best copywriter in the room @Broseffuphigh and designer @hexnailjewelry

jerry meng jon buscemiTrue story

brian atlas rob dyrdek Jaha JohnsonJaha Jaha actually did think hip hop would take him this far.

jon buscemi kangaroo javi parrott buscemi juliet anderson better half tom r polk jon buscemi jeremy joseph alycia lane supreme Rammellzee backpack some girl reza arab parrot jimmy goldstein office  weinberger georgie versi a fucking kangaroo tess and tam   friend of mine photo booth ronny free range chicken djevespecial

jamie story

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