Vogue Does the Worst Imaginable & Gives Seinfeld a

Vogue Does the Worst Imaginable & Gives Seinfeld a "Modern Makeover" Featuring Fuck Jerry & a Model

By The Hundreds Staff

June 25, 2015

Now that Seinfeld is available for streaming on Hulu, Vogue of course did the worst imaginable to by giving it a, in their words, “Modern Makeover” by replacing Jerry with Fuck Jerry (yes, that one) and Elaine with a model to recreate scenes from the sitcom into .gifs. Don’t for a second think Hulu isn’t also to blame for this atrocity – they are – since they created the exact replica of Jerrys’ apartment for the shoot.

Model Andreea Diaconu, who looks nothing like Elaine Benes, awkwardly acts out Seinfeld moments wearing her signature glasses paired with fucking Proenza Schouler, Saint Laurent, Thom Browne, and Hermès, while Elliot Tebele plays a human tree prop in a chambray button up that wishes it was Jerry Seinfeld.

Vogue quoted Tebele/Fuck Jerry as saying, “Being in that room, being dressed up as him, acting the scenes straight out of the show, I honestly felt like I was him, for, like, a moment… It was weird.” For some reason, we feel like Tebele is on the same page as us – we hope. Check out what’s wrong with everything below:

The Hundreds Staff