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TWS Awards

TWS Awards

It was that time of the year last night when the Transworld Skateboard Magazine had their 15th annual award show in Hollywood,CA. This is probably one of the rare nights when skateboarding as a whole comes out together to celebrate a years worth of skating in all forms. Young and old it doesn’t matter on this night, we are all skateboarders sharing this common bond with some good times and a new video from Transworld to end the night. I rolled out by myself simply because all the people I know would already be out there. Needless to say it was packed as usual and I floated around saying hi to all the smiling faces and snapping some flicks in the process, so check out below to see what I got.

Blair of TWS handling the red carpet

Walked in to find Muska as the d.j. for the night

What up Felix

Finally got to meet professional skateboarder Frank Gerwer and got a portrait…

..He blessed me with a profile shot as well.

Pretty faces and PBR

New Era goodies

Daniel Castillo and Chico Brenes were out there

Hi Daniel

What up Furry Calamari and Tony Trujillo

DGKalis was in attendance

Cash and what looks like a young Jonny Depp

Mike Mo with the always serious stare

Mickey Reyes and Stevie Williams

There were no girls around so I figured a photo of Casey was the next best thing

Justin Eldridge keeping things classy

Guy Mariano and Aaron Meza

Bumped into Daniel again to see he had his hands full

Up yours too Antwuan

Huf and K.C.

This is Gottwig he skates for HUF and has a rad new video part you can see here

Vince of Glassy was in good spirits.

Got you Nakel

Scotty was making friends as usual

Turns out they were Priebes friends

Wayne was out there

Let it begin

Santa Cruz won the Skate and Create category

As anyone would imagine The Girl/Chocolate teams Pretty Sweet won for best video

And DGK won for best team

But the highlight of the evening was Tommy Guerrero accepting his Legend award and calling for all street skaters to get on stage with him.

(photo courtesy of Jim Theibaud since my camera died)

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