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Native Edge

Native Edge

If you are like me you like to give gifts to people every single day. If you’re like me you also lie a lot. But one gift that is always a crowd-pleaser is a luxury scented candle. We are all familiar with Yankee Candle, and the ones that are like buy 4 get 9 free at the farmers market. Although, when you get a truly well made wax sensory device it’s kinda hard to set it on fire.

Native edge is the handmade in house brand of Church Boutique. If you haven’t been to Church yet, it’s the store on Santa Monica with more 1 of 1’s than the Smithsonian. Native Edge is on the higher end of high end. 14k gold and sterling silver hand made accents and detailing adorn custom lucite cases.

Giving a candle as a gift says, “I respect your taste is higher than mine, so I will not embarrass either of us with attempting to buy you clothes.” It also says, “you wanna know two things that burn for 150 hours? One of them is this candle…”

This heavyweight champion of the world candle. The only requirement to owning one is not being Lindsey Lohan. You can get them at Church Boutique, or find the exclusive style they made for Barneys.

If you want your bedside table game to be on the same level as your wardrobe put a handgun on it. If the government won’t let you own a firearm get a Native Edge scented candle. Shop the entire collection HERE.

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