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Urban Legends :: Shooting Chicago with trashhand

Urban Legends :: Shooting Chicago with trashhand

This summer was a busy one as far as traveling went for me. Since I am now in my studio, I thought it would only be right to properly re-cap some of my trips. I am going to start with Chicago. I had not been there since cruising through on a skate tour back in 2000. After befriending trashhand and seeing how he captured his city, naturally I felt I needed to make a trip out there and experience it for myself. After figuring out our schedules, I flew out for 5 days and got a VIP tour of the city via trashhand. It is safe to say Chicago was one of the most inspiring cities I have been in for shooting cityscape and architecture. Another aspect I loved was the history of this city. You can see it in the streets, the people, and the buildings. I was fortunate enough to see it from rooftops and all types of point of views since trash knows this city inside and out. So scroll below to see how I interpreted Chicago through my lens. And thank you again, trash, for the open invite to your city. It was very much appreciated!

Chicago x trashhand.

Puddle gramming with trashhand.

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