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Thunder Down Under

Thunder Down Under

Last night at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast of Australia I attended a boxing match. I wasn’t there because it was an officially sanctioned Heavyweight event. That was just convenient entertainment. I was invited by former professional Rugby player Angus Esslemont. Angus is a banker, he works at a place like Merril Lynch, and has never boxed before in his life. Some tough guy over at Fidelity claimed he was the best athlete from a better private school. So they agreed to fight in a legit arena. It would be like Bobby Hundreds fighting Nick Diamond… man would that be awesome.

Before the main event other real boxers entertained us. I liked the guy that didn’t wear headgear, he got smashed but they guy with a helmut.

Another battle proves that no amount of Irish Tattoos can stop fists from pummeling you.

Angus “THE MULE” Esslemont entering the ring.

His opponent was called “THE BULLDOG” probably because of his under bite.

Gus’ early tactic of blocking every punch with is face seemed to be tiring the bulldog out.

Later in the rounds that THE MULE sprang into action. THE BULLDOG was gasping for breath and in fear of the punishment he was about to receive.

Angus had more connections to his face than a Gotti boy’s Linked In profile.

Awaiting the decision.

6 months of training, not drinking or partying paid off. Angus is now an undefeated champion. Or maybe he just went to a better private school.

Bobby Miller with the assist.

Like every major Australian event… The Dingo was there.


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