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Things Organized Neatly Part 1 :: Hobonichi Field Pack

Things Organized Neatly Part 1 :: Hobonichi Field Pack

In my Tumblr days, this site Things Organized Neatly was one of my favorites. The name put the idea in my head to put together this similarly titled three-part series on the objects that keep me organized on the daily. Shoutout TON.

The Hobonichi Field Pack and accompanying planner are marvellous items for the organized soul. The literal translation of Hobonichi is “Almost every day”, which is a charming way of summarizing what this brand provides. If you’re trying to keep taps on multiple on-the-go projects or while travelling near or far, Hobonichi has what you need. The page-per-day planner allows enough room for random scribbles, illustrations, notes and appointments, or if you’re like me; around 10 to-do lists per day, while the book also offers anecdotal quotes on each page, sizing charts, and etiquette guides. Add some stencils and small folders for holding the odd sticky note, as well as some zipped pockets for holding business cards and the like; this package seriously has everything I need. To boot, the Hobonichi gang created this particular edition alongside North Face Purple Label, which is designed in partnership with Eiichiro Homma from nananica.

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