The Weeknd x Drake x Norway

The Weeknd x Drake x Norway

By akam1k3

March 09, 2014

The “WOULD YOU LIKE A TOUR?” show came to Oslo, Norway, last week. I was fortunate enough to snap some pics of it. It all started with The Weeknd getting the party started, then Drizzy Drake killed it with hits after hits. I like his songs, but for me, as a “photographer” I must say that the best part of the show was the visuals. The whole production was sick, especially the lights and the LED screens. Can’t go wrong with pyro and fireworks either. Swear, I wish I could take pictures through the whole concert. But I did get the beginning, and managed to snap some pics with my shitty point-and-shoot which turned out alright.

Check them out below:

– akam1k3