By Kazie Holiday

August 07, 2014

The Hundreds Canada Ontario rep Los Ortiz was onsite for our unofficial after-party on the first night of the Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal. Read his recap below, alongside pictures by Ren Rob.

This past Friday in Montreal aka MonTRILL was one for the record books! For those of you not living under a rock, you knew that the Osheaga Music Festival just went down this past weekend in Montreal. Now in it’s 9th year, the lineup was incredible to say the least, with artists from Outkast to Haim, and Pusha T to The Replacements. Think of it as the Canadian version of Coachella.

Following the opening day at Osheaga, The Hundreds presented The Posterz live in concert last Friday night. It all took place at Tokyo Bar on St. Laurent street, which – for those who haven’t been to Montreal before – gets as ratchet as a Frat party during Frosh week. We were even more stoked for the event when we were on the plane, ’cause we overheard a random couple on the flight saying that this party was gonna be the place to be that Friday. We rolled up to the party around 11pm and ducked in right away as the door staff were trying to control the sold out crowd. As soon as we walked in, our very own The Hundreds Canada Montreal rep Frank Lapierre aka DJ Kassimo blessed us with some gems from Kendrick to Kaytranada to A$AP Ferg, we were all breaking our necks. A few drinks in and it was time for The Posterz to take the stage. They started off their set with “The Bass Song” which immediately resonated with the crowd and had them all singing along. A definite highlight from the night had to be when Nate Husser stepped into the crowd and performed their latest single “All I Know.”

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The Posterz last year shot by Simpa and styled by Monsiieur

The Hundreds Fall 2014 Collection

The Hundreds presents A$AP Ferg live at their European 10th Anniversary party in Berlin

Kazie Holiday