By Kazie Holiday

March 06, 2015

To demonstrate our excitement and personal connection the The Hundreds X Mechanix Wear “Original” glove collaboration, we went around documenting exactly how Mechanix has complemented our lifestyle way before there were even talks of a collaboration. Whether it’s working on cars, riding motorcycles, or shooting guns, we’ve been relying on the Mechanix to bring the best, most innovative workwear gloves in the market and we’ve never been disappointed.

See warehouse manager Andrew “Tide” Sisk rocking the gloves while he works on and operates the warehouse’s forklift; RSWD’s Jay Ughh and our Online Sales Manager David Dyer as they speed down LA’s streets on their motorcycles; our DC & Operations Manager Bill Cramer working on an engine; and our Assistant Controller, Logan Miller, and Retail Operations Manager, Mike Enriquez, as they empty some rounds at the gun range. The Mechanix Wear glove has been a close part of our lives and Californian workwear culture for years now, making The Hundreds X Mechanix Wear one of our proudest collaborations to date.

The Hundreds X Mechanix Wear features one exclusive, collaborative glove – the “Original” – sporting a The Hundreds “Slant” logo in a special silicone print at the palms and a logo woven label at the base of the TPR and Velcro closure.

Between introducing gloves to Nascar mechanics, expanding their market into tactical gloves for military use, and providing gloves for films such as Lone Survivor and Zero Dark Thirty without paying to play, Mechanix has solidified its titan-status over the protective handwear industry. In the realm of workwear gloves, the brand simply has no competition with its innovative materials and advanced testing processes. Because of this focused approach, this project is a rare moment for Mechanix – who rarely collaborates with other brands.

Whether it’s doing heavy duty work on our cars and bikes, or firing off rounds, we’ve been loyal and supportive customers of the unrivaled brand since its inception. A few members of The Hundreds family even grew up with the employees of Mechanix in the same city their headquarters now stands, Valencia, California. Collaborations with spirit and history are the ones cemented into timelessness, and The Hundreds is proud to have joined in on this unique updating of the “Original” Mechanix glove.


Kazie Holiday