Thank You

Thank You


May 03, 2013

Usually, you would come to my blog to see photos. Maybe it would be of a pretty girl or some landscape shot I thought looked cool, but you won’t find any of that today. Instead, I’m opting to use words to show what I am feeling. Last night was the opening of my exhibit #notbadforaphotoshow, and it was an overwhelming feeling to see the support in the form of all the people who showed up, as well as the websites that took time out to post about the event. For someone who pursued photography simply because I loved it, to get where I’m at so far is still mind blowing. I never had an agenda or a plan, other than to do it because it makes me happy.

Seeing people’s appreciation for my photos transcend from the Internet to in-person compliments about my work, is such a humbling feeling. I know I’ve been very blessed by family and friends who have pushed and supported me to get here. I mean, I remember a few years ago going to the same gallery space I am showing in now, when Scott Caan had his exhibit there, and just thinking how cool the event was. People coming together to check out some art and just have a good time. For me to have that last night felt amazing and a bit surreal. But, nonetheless, I still realize that all of the great opportunities I have gotten thus far have been because of you. The reader who checks my blog, likes my photos, reposts my tumblr, likes my pictures on Instagram, and tells their friends about my photos. It comes from you guys showing your support and appreciation for what I do, and with every great chance I get I remember that. It is embedded in my mind as a permanent reminder for anything good that happens to me with my photography, and with that, I say thank you. It really does mean the world to me.