By Kazie Holiday

May 03, 2013

Congrats to The Hundreds’ friend and VISUAL artist, Van Styles, on the successful opening of #NOTBADFORAPHOTOSHOW. The solo exhibition features color and black and white photography, and showcases Styles’ diverse body of work, including beautiful, provocatively-posed women, as well as his lesser-seen (but equally insightful and well-composed) observations of landscapes, lifestyles, and streets. If you missed the party, you can still check out the show for the next few weeks (although we can’t guarantee you’ll get to see quite as many of his muses in real life). #NOTBADFORAPHOTOSHOW is on display through May 12th at 7907 Rosewood, next to The Hundreds’ flagship location.

Van Smyles! (Couldn’t resist)

by Jane

Kazie Holiday