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Test Shot :: Stephanie Covell

Test Shot :: Stephanie Covell

There are some moments in life when you see how small the world can be. For instance remember when I went to SXSW back in March? Well if you take a look at one of my posts you will notice I took a random snap shot of a girl on the street wearing a men in black t-shirt with a printed skirt. Something about this girl was cool and grabbed my attention to do that. I asked her permission before taking the photo but never got her name or any info.

Turns out her name is Stephanie Covell. The post went live and later on I noticed she had commented on the photo via instagram. I want to say this was around April while I was out in N.Y. After checking out her photos I noticed she had some in what looked liked the rooftops of Brooklyn. After a some exchange of comments with each other turns out she lives out there. To me it only made sense that we shoot but due to my schedule at that time for that trip I wasn’t able to link up. But when I was out there last month I got my chance. She came over to Queens to shoot with me and despite the bad weather the city was having at the time we were able to get some cool sets in. I had a lot of fun shooting with Stephanie simply because you can clearly see she has her own thing going on, she does what she wants because she likes it. Plus I like people who have their own quirky out look on life, it can make it a lot of fun to shoot with. So thats my little story on how small the world can be. I traveled from L.A. to Texas and randomly snapped a photo of her only to travel to N.Y. to see her again and do a photo shoot. God bless the internet.


What’s up Stephanie lets kick this off with the age?


And your ethnicity?

Hungarian and German

And where were you born?

Long Island,N.Y.

Word, and where are you currently residing?


Name some of your likes in life.

Stripper shoes,traveling,Haribo gummy bears,electronic music and yoga.

Any dislikes?

Self absorbed people,rainy days and flat soda.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Traveling stylists for all genres.

Any influences in life?

Paris Hilton,Oscar Wylde and artist friends in B.K.

Do you have a favorite place you have traveled to?

Eastern Europe.

Name a place you want to visit before you die?

New Zealand.

What about your current form of employment?

Freelance model,stylist and hustler!

Do you have a favorite type of music?


Lastly what is it about stripper shoes that you like?  

The fact that they have a cultural representation behind them. the context they leave behind.

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