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Test Shot-Sarah Ann Miller

Test Shot-Sarah Ann Miller

If you guys were following my travels last week then you would have noticed I was in Vegas for a couple days to check out the Magic convention featuring most if not all over your favorite clothing brands. Aside from that I brought my camera gear out there just incase I found myself with good company in need of photographs. Lucky for me just that particular situation happened via getting a comment on one of my instagram photos from Sarah Ann Miller expressing a interest in shooting. We exchanged a couple of e-mails and set up a shoot for a few hours right before I left the city of sin. Luckily having a hotel room turned out to be useful for more then showering and sleeping, it also worked out as a studio of sorts for our session. She brought a few outfits and we shot a few sets but the one below was my favorite I think. It just felt a little moody and  I loved the existing light in the room along with the hotel door in the background. I felt it all made for a good set/backdrop. So enjoy the photos below and hope you all have a amazing week!

Van Styles: Ok lets start this with the age.

Sarah Ann Miller: 20

VS: What is your ethnicity?

SAM: Ukrainian & Honduran

VS: Where were you born?

SAM: Las Vegas, NV

VS: Where do you currently live?

SAM: Currently traveling at the moment.

VS: Any likes?

SAM: Antiquing, big butts, Korean horror films, edibles, beards, the south, twerking, and being Jewish, Lars Von Trier films.

VS: And the dislikes?

SAM: Getting sick during the summer, cursing, my insomnia, stinky men, sick stinky men that curse, Sylvia Plath.

VS: What do you want to be when you grow up?

SAM: A matriarch of a cute family.

VS: What are some of your influences?

SAM: Stephen Hawking, Sarte, My dad.

VS: Do you have a favorite food?

SAM: Sushi! Always.

VS: Is there a favorite place you have traveled to?

SAM: Austin, TX

VS: Name a place you want to visit before you die?

SAM: I’m going on my birth rite trip to Israel in June, now I have to come up with a new answer… Hmmm… Iceland!

VS: Current employment?

SAM: I’m a student at UNLV, GO REBELS!

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