SXSW :: In The Bag :: Mahtab

SXSW :: In The Bag :: Mahtab

By Kazie Holiday

March 12, 2014

You best believe our PR girl Mahtab’s got SXSW in the bag. Sun-ready “Safa” bucket hat, stain-ready Tide pen, stacks on stacks of business cards – Austin, she’s coming at you live and correct. See what’s in her bag:

1. Spring ’14 “Jon” backpack in Washed Denim

2. Tide Stain Stick

3. Wallet

4. Samsung S4 Phone

5. Spare phone battery

6. Justine’s almond butter to-go packs

7. Chocolate chip cookie toiletry bag

8. Purell hand sanitizer

9. Trident gum

10. Mini Bop It Extreme

11. “Safa” Bucket Hat

12. Business Cards

13. Tylenol

14. Spring ’14 Phoenix Eyewear in Red

15. Adam Bomb stickers

16. Daily SXSW schedule

17. “Half Bomb” Lighter

18. The Hundreds notebook


Kazie Holiday