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Stafford Brothers Santa Ana

Stafford Brothers Santa Ana

I spent last weekend in my second favorite Santa. Santa Ana. Why? ‘Cuz the Stafford Brothers had a gig at Yost theater. Who? The Jonas Brothers of DJing, The Stafford brothers. It’s ok, you will be obsessed with them next year. This is the worst looking one Chris Stafford.

Who says Brooke Evers will never be featured on The Hundreds?

Brooke is Tamie’s friend. So at my count that makes 2. 2 friends.

Shit escalated quickly.

I helped by using my new laser beam app. It’s only available on the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Steve Aoki has the birthday cake. DJ Tanner Throws up, Stafford throw inflatable kangaroos.

Wicked awesome to hang with Kaylani Lei in our own private back stage VIP table. Oh hey L.A. Riots.

Is Australia getting huge… or is it just me?

JD is the world’s worst cocaine salesperson.

One of these things is not like the other. (HINT: It’s the giant tranny on the left.)

Matt may have stolen my hat… but I stole his heart. Pause.

Oh snap Parker was there there whole time. He is from London, only writes #1 hits, and is as quiet as a door mouse.

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