STAFF PICKS :: The Best Video Game Soundtracks Ever

STAFF PICKS :: The Best Video Game Soundtracks Ever

By The Hundreds Staff

July 08, 2019

Today is National Video Game Day, and to celebrate, we asked our staff to dig through their mental archives and reminisce. Because many people usually pick similar games as their all-time favorite, we wanted to drill it down a little more so we could see some variety. We asked everyone to name their favorite video game soundtracks. Whether they loved the simple tonal scores of yesteryear on Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo or the meticulously curated music soundtracks of today’s games, we put everyone on the record.

Here are The Hundreds Staff’s favorite video game soundtracks ever:

Bobby Hundreds, Tony Award-winning Author:
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1
Sonic the Hedgehog

Patrick, Creative Director:
Thrasher: Skate and Destroy

J Boosie, Free J Boosie Trio, Marketing:
Halo 3
Super Smash Brother Melee
Tony Hawk Underground

Shmik Foley, Photographer:
NBA Street Vol. 2
NBA 2k18
Crazy Taxi 2

Chaddurrr, Rumored Art Director:
Ratchet and Clank
Kelly Slater Pro Surfer

Sandy, Editorial Assistant & Mercury in Gatorade Co-Host:
Power Rangers SPD
Snowboard Kids

Danny Boy, Customer Service:
Crash Bandicoot
Final Fantasy VII

Duke, Managing Editor:
Dave Mirra Pro BMX
Madden 04
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

Heavy D, Designer:
Def Jam Fight for NY
Need For Speed Underground

Brenda, Product Development and Mercury in Gatorade Co-Host:
Sonic (Marble Zone level specifically)
Final Fantasy III
Mortal Kombat

Brice, World Renowned DJ, Marketing Guru, and Father of Rocket, first of his name:
Pokemon Red
Parappa the Rappa
Street Hoops

Jaynard, Graphic Design:
LA Noire
GTA Vice City

Eddie, Yes He Actually Drew That:
Mark Ecko Getting Up
Zelda Windwaker

Tetris (same as Bobby)
Tetris Effect
Tetris 99

Chidi, Office Record Holder for Most Outfits in One Day, and also Sales:
Donkey Kong Country
Metal Gear Solid
Wu-Tang Shaolin Style

Percival, Office Feng Shui Expert:
Starfox SNES (skip to 1:50 and play at .75 speed, trust us)
Skate 1

Carlos, Sales, Definitely Didn’t Orchestrate the Office Art Heist No Like For Real He Didn’t Do It:


The Hundreds Staff