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SPITSET Recap :: Pinky Liberachi, Like, & Blondie Beach

SPITSET Recap :: Pinky Liberachi, Like, & Blondie Beach

Last Thursday we took over Fais Do-Do to bring you another successful Spitset with a performance from R&B singer/guitarist Pinky Liberachi and DJ sets from Like of Pac Div and Blondie Beach. Shout out to the fans that filled the floor and to Sapporo for making it move. If you couldn’t make it out, below you can find some of the night’s highlights taken by photographer Paolo Fortades. Spitset was started last March as a free show curated by rapper Alexander Spit to push Los Angeles out of its comfort zone. “The bottle service nightlife types will be encouraged to mingle with the anti-social art kids. The music elitist, show-goers will be set arms length from girls that dress like ladies... I’m trying to provide an LA party featuring carefully curated live performances, DJ sets, and, most importantly, interesting venues for the artists and subculture circles that actually define the city’s charisma.” Here’s to another year’s worth.

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