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Go Skateboarding Day :: Southside Skatepark

Go Skateboarding Day :: Southside Skatepark

To commemorate 20 years of Southside Skatepark, the park just released a promo for the “Southside aXXiversary” skate film, set to release this Fall/Holiday season. See the video below and check out what the South Houston, Texas guys of Southside Skatepark have to say about the release:

“Southside Skatepark began as a private mini ramp surrounded by Playboy magazines, old cars, and guns here in a warehouse in South Houston, Texas, in the Spring of 1994. Those early day sessions grew larger and larger as the word spread of the indoor mini ramp. With the closing of the Skatepark of Houston, there was not as much transition and even fewer places to skateboard. In those days, you had to either build your own ramp at your house, have a friend who had a ramp, or steal materials from construction sites and build illegal ramps in the woods. It was very difficult for skateboarders to find anywhere to ride as society held tightly to the stereotypes of the ’80s and gave the swift boot to any of the local street spots. No one cared about you or your skateboard and in fact, most of your friends and family would prefer you quit and get on with yourself. That’s what we loved about it so much. That’s why we fought so hard for it, because no one was going to give it to us. Southside Skatepark embodies the true spirit of the original do-it-yourself skateboarder. We hope that all the generations of Southside Skatepark will join us tomorrow for Go Skateboarding Day as we celebrate 20 years of die hard skateboarding, done for the right reasons and remaining as core as ’94 to this very day.

Keep an eye out for the Southside aXXiversary full length video set to release this Holiday with skateboarding from David Langston, Chris Luhring, Derrek Simon, Ben Raybourn, Justin Vinson, George Karvounis, Dakota Roberson and friends of @southsideHTX #bigo”

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