By Rob

November 10, 2013

sneakerboyThe highest possible end of high end boutiques is SneakerBoy. You may think the name is average, but try saying it in a Japanese accent… see? The shop has more firsts than the special olympics. For starters, there is no stock on site. All purchases are made through an app. Who said you can’t walk into an online store?

sneakerboy storeNext, every shelf has a dedicated LED display. Each shelf also doubles as a mini photo studio.


dirty sneaker

sneaker boy leather

rick owens pony

sneaker boy app
Just use the app to scan a bar code. Pick your size, and your shoes will be shipped to your crib.adidas com de garcon



hidden dressing room
Hidden dressing room, for the apparel.

sneaker boy interior

sneaker boy exclusive

rick owens runwayRunway only Rick Owens. Or as Bossi calls him “Rick”.

rick owens

giuseppe zanotti black

giuseppe zanotti

high end footwear

givenchy black

givenchy white sneaker

sneaker boy shop

pierr hardy sneaker

adidas y3

pierr hardy

pierre hardy

balmain sneaker
You will not want to miss Sneakerboy when you are in Melbourne.