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Sneaker Freaker

Sneaker Freaker

sneaker freaker officeIn the summer of 2004 I wrote a tiny essay on sneakers in prison, for an even tinier unheard of sneaker magazine called Sneaker Freaker. Woody publishing that story changed my life in ways no one could not have predicted. Landing in Melbourne this was the first and only place I needed to go. The Sneaker Freaker home base mother ship. My Mecca.

sneaker freaker backissues10 years and 26 issues later (it’s bi-yearly). Woody and crew dominate the sneaker magazine market because they do it for the love. You can tell when a magazine focusses on ad sales, they lose their soul. Woody has never sold out and because of that he will remain poor with the greatest quality magazine anyone nerd could ask for.

banner adI’d like to think I helped build this… but i’d be lying to myself. Like the time I smoked crack with some guy when Nike ID first opened.

sneaker freakers

gene simmons sucks

star wars

sneaker freaker lister

bill cosby
I cropped it like this so when you see it on herbs tumblrs you know where they stole it. I stole it from Woody.

sneaker freaker art

adidas cowboy boot


nike limited edition bagNot sure what this is, but there are only 200 of them.



sneaker freaker partyMy visit coincided with the launch party for the Adidas X Sneaker Freaker Torsion Integral S. Woody fucking runs this city.

lace upIn game lace change.

fitzroy muscle car clubDid you know Woody started a Muscle Car club? Did you know he was the set designer on Queen of the Damned right before Aaliyah died?

sneaker freaker adidas party

butter goods

adidas torsion

adidas torsion integral

adidas sneaker freaker torsion integral S

adidas sneaker freaker

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