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You may know me as the guy who pervs out on tattooed girls… Or maybe from that one time that I touched Tobey Maguire’s hand. However, there’s no chance that you know me quite as well as you now know Sara X, the inked model from Vegas who is literally destroying the Interwebs right now with her new viral boob twerk video. Yes, I said boob twerk. In the video below, Sara X full-bore Miley Cyruses her chesticles to some really classic Mozart. And most importantly, I have the distinct privilege of speaking with her unfiltered to get a few layers below the all-too-familiar “viral curtain” (that sounds really, really gross). See the results of that tomfoolery after the jump.

I should firstly preface this Q&A with the disclaimer that Sara and I know each other through my brother, from working on a project in the tattoo industry before she ever bore her talents for the world to see. So, she did me a favor, and played it straight (which I love). What you get below is an unadjusted look at a human being, not just a really talented booby bouncer with 24 million views on YouTube.

MAC SANDEFUR: Can you give us a little bit of background on yourself?

SARA X: I was born and raised in Virginia, just transplanted to Vegas a little over a year ago now.  My upbringing was pretty normal, my parents were a little dysfunctional but by the time I was 2 they had been married for 20 years already so, you know, people get on each others nerves after a while.  They’ve now been married... I think 46 years?  How old am I again?  Anyway so how I became a model is funny, there was this girl who was a total bully to me, I was dating a guy she liked, so she went on a mission to post all over the internet about how I was ugly and I was this and I was that.  She just wouldn’t quit.  I found out that she wanted really badly to be on this site called Suicide Girls, and I had no idea what it was, just that she kept taking naked pictures of herself, and sending them in only to get rejected.  I was 17 at the time, so I decided that if she was still being a bitch by the time I turned 18, I was going to apply.  She was, I did, and I got accepted.  That’s how I got into modeling, that was my first ever real photo shoot.

After I turned 18 I didn’t really have a direction. I had some health problems when I was in my teens, and holding a job wasn’t easy for me. I was living at home, and it just wasn’t a lot of fun.  I was this super awkward, dorky kid (like now, but less boobs and tattoos)... I had a friend who worked the door at a club in Virginia Beach, so I made a joke once about going to work for him.  He ended up calling me a few weeks later, asking if I was serious.  There was no way I could take my clothes off for strangers, and I told him that.  He informed me that in his city there were laws against stripping so you just danced onstage like a stripper, that’s it.  No [private] dances, no stripping.  Bikini bars, gogo bars, whatever you want to call them.  So, I agreed, took a trip down there that weekend, and that’s how it started.  Over the course of time, I did end up working in clubs with lap dances and stripping on occasion, but I was not a good hustler. I don’t like touching people or dealing with gross dudes, so I stayed mostly with my bikini bars.  Probably the funniest thing about all of it is that in high school when my friends and I used to drive past the strip club closest to my parents house, they would joke that I was going to work there one day, but that people would pay me to put my clothes back ON (because I was so gangly and weird).

Photo from Sara’s Instagram.

I quit that when I was 25. I was just so burnt out. I couldn’t do it anymore. There had been multiple shootings at my main club. I narrowly missed being shot in the last one. In another one, I was the last one to see this cop I knew alive, whose body was found in a field next to the club. I was drinking too much every night to cope with the drama of the environment – it got really intense.  Luckily I had never gotten into drugs. I mean, yeah I was smoking weed, but I saw too many 40-year-old strippers when I first started who had nothing to their names, and nostrils you could see through. So I never in my life have touched coke or any other hard drugs – I was some combination of smart and lucky there.

From stripping I went into real estate, which I hated, especially in Virginia.  I thought it was what I “should” do, because you can make a lot of money doing it, but once I got in I was like holy shit this is a strip club but with older ladies and instead of dances they’re selling houses and they’re 99.99999% self-righteous Southern bitches, I will pass.  I sold one house, before I ended up moving to Vegas.  Now I’m a freelance model and writer.

How did you discover your unique talent?

Working in bikini bars, you always had to have something entertaining to do since you couldn’t actually strip.  I had really really buff pecs before I got implants. It actually made my recovery difficult... Pre-surgery I could flex my pecs, but it wasn’t quite the same.  Post-op, after quite a bit of rough healing, I realized I could add crazy chest flexing to my onstage repertoire.  My favorite used to be to make eye contact with people, bounce my boobs, and see how long they took to notice.  One thing people of the internet seem to think is that I’m under the impression I’m the first person to bounce my boobs – this is not the case.  I remember some of the same “girls” in their 40s with their coke-thin nostrils doing the same thing when I first started, and thinking it was gross-hilarious.  I still think it’s gross-hilarious.  I feel the same way about twerking. When people say it’s sexual, I’m like “Ugh, really?”

What inspired you to make the boob twerk video? 

I can twerk, right, and I’d made some videos of it, but it’s sort of played out now.  I’ve been doing it since I very first started dancing, a very thin black escort who also danced at my club taught me how, saying if her skinny ass could do it then I could too, but now it’s all “Whatever Miley, do some squats, eat a sandwich” if you’re white and thin and you do it.  I decided to try a different route.  I can’t say this video wasn’t planned, because it was to a degree, I didn’t know it would get this big but I took steps to assure that it would be ripe for going viral (funny, boobs, different than anything I’d seen).  I also made sure it was able to be monetized, hence the choice of public domain classical music.  I didn’t have any idea though, that it was going to be like this.

Sara X, boob twerk girl, boob twerking, boob twerk,

How do you keep a straight face through the entire filming of that video?

Experience.  I explained earlier that I used to look customers in the eye and do that with a straight face while bouncing my boobs & seeing how long it would take them to notice.  What many people didn’t get, sadly, is that the face I was trying to do was what I’d imagine a serious musician would do if they were, say, playing the cello in an orchestra.  That was the joke.  I would guess maybe 75% of the people who watched it, got it.  I could be wrong.  Maybe less even.

What are you up to these days besides making the most viral videos on the Interwebs?

I don’t do much.  I really don’t.  I was so wild when I was in my early 20s, now I’m like, hello Netflix and a block of gourmet cheese.  I do work out, because if I didn’t all that cheese would not look good on me.  I posted a status the other day about how stoked I was that my local Whole Foods comped me some applesauce because I’m just there all the time, basically way more excited than I ever was about comped drinks.  I’d rather be on my couch with my dogs than out in a club.  I stay online a lot, I manage the majority of my own social media, trying to interact with people whenever I can.  I do modeling jobs as they come, though I will admit to not having been as proactive with that as I should have, and I write some.  I’ve been pretty happy to have a few years to recover and read just after working in bars for so long.

What were your first thoughts when you realized that your video went viral?

It was something like, “holyshitholyshitholyshitholyshitholyshitholyshit” on repeat.  I saw it was on when I woke up, but it was still only at maybe 5k views on my Youtube.  Then all of the sudden it was on Reddit, and the views climbed.  I started freaking out.  By the end of the day it had... I think a million?  That was when I realized this was for real.  It’s gotten crazier since then.  It doesn’t seem like reality.  I’m still sitting on my couch with Netflix and my block of cheese and my dogs like, what just happened.  But I also feel like patting myself on the back, because as I said, I sort of orchestrated it based on what I thought would get views, thinking maybe 150k or something, and I apparently way underestimated my abilities.

Talk about your “15 minutes” and how you’re going to utilize it.

It was all pretty sudden, so I’m still fleshing that out.  The video doesn’t even seem like me anymore, to be honest, because seeing my face all over the place is so unreal.  It’s been on so many sites I don’t even know... and on TV. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be like this, so I am not quite sure which direction I want to take it.  I’d like to keep making funny videos, and not just of my boobs, because I enjoy making people laugh.  That was always a big part of my dancing, was not taking myself seriously.  I enjoy mixing a little bit of taboo sexuality with humor and my own personality, whether everyone gets it or not.  I’d also like to keep writing.

Have you been reading YouTube comments? Which one has been your favorite so far?

I stopped reading them after the first afternoon.  I read a few out loud to Patrick, my boyfriend, when he got home just because they were so wild... I didn’t guess that people would think it was fake.  I feel like I can’t remember a time I didn’t see fake boobs bouncing so I hadn’t even considered it, but some of the first comments from the Redditors were calling me out as a fake.  It went on, with people coming up with crazy elaborate theories, oh I can see the wire coming down around her side, she took her jacket off like that so you don’t see and then crossed her arms, there’s a shock device... oh there’s fishing wire, someone is pulling them, YOU CAN SEE IT... there’s someone behind the curtain pulling the strings, you’re all so gullible and stupid, it’s FAKE FAKE FAKE... so I put this disclaimer in the description, that my boobs are fake but the video is not.  People STILL don’t read that shit.  There were also the ones calling me a whore, an attention whore, and some saying I needed to die.  Lots of them were nice and delighted though, I live for those.  I just really love entertaining, it’s sort of a part of who I am now.  I have this really rad video of me doing this puppet performance at my 4th grade talent show I need to get uploaded. I think that’s when I really realized I was a ham, so I love seeing the positives – not people saying they find me attractive, but people saying I made their day or they laughed so hard.

Did your MFC channel blow up after you posted this? 

I haven’t been on it much in months, not at all since this video, honestly.  I’m a nonnude model (I like to make the never-nude Arrested Development joke), which means that the closest I’ve been to nude on cam is a C-string and some sort of nipple covering, or this one time I danced around in the shower behind my closed shower door.  It gets old being on there and dealing with the trolls though, and the tons of guys who don’t want to tip.  Every little bit helps, but when there’s not even a little bit, and I’m dealing with trolls, or guys constantly asking to see stuff I don’t even show for pay, for free.  I was a stripper too long to have the patience. It makes me miss the dollar sign tattoo on my middle finger that I had removed when I got into real estate. Ha.

Have you seen a lot of spin-offs since you made your video? Do you like any of them?

I love seeing other chicks try the pec flex, and there have been some parodies of mine, as well as remixes to a metal song & Skrillex that are good, I dig them.  Just last night on Twitter I found this guy who copied my video to a T, throat clearing and facial expression and all.  I was absolutely thrilled.  I laughed so hard!

What are your top 5 videos on the Internet?

Ummmm in no particular order: For some reason I really like this video called “Malk” from a few years ago, I’ll always have a soft spot for The End of the World, there’s Misa Minnie the world’s smartest Yorkie whenever I want to feel bad about the combined total of eight tricks my dogs know, and some of the Pronunciation Manual & Bad Lip Reading stuff.

Are you planning a collab with Beethoven Butt Twerk Artist, Michelle L’Amour anytime soon?

Ha!  I’ve never spoken to her, but I admire her work.  I can also do the glute muscle twitch twerk stuff, but the reason I figured I’d do the boob twerk is that I didn’t want to be labeled a copycat – if she wants to do a duet though, I’m so down.

Would you be down to come to The Hundreds and show all the perverts here your new skill?


Any piece of advice for young upcoming boob twerkers that are looking to get into the mainstream?

Ha!  No, because I have no idea how I even did it exactly!  Uhhh... don’t use copyrighted music if you plan to monetize your video!  That’s my #1 piece of advice.


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