By Neave Bozorgi

December 19, 2014

Welcome to this week’s Rendezvous! Hopefully it doesn’t piss North Korea off…

Shayla and I met via our iPhones, specifically Instagram. I saw her profile randomly and I knew I would get some strong images out of her. So after some commenting, Direct Messaging, and then iMessaging, we set up a shoot. We decided to meet in the Arts District in Downtown LA on a gloomy Wednesday and shoot at my friend’s loft. I wanted the whole thing to be black and white, but there are two looks that just had to be color. She was fantastic to work with and I am stoked on these images.

As a side note: How come there’s not a “Girls of Tinder” series? You know what? Fuck it, I’ll do one…

Neave Bozorgi