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Rendezvous :: Roxy

Rendezvous :: Roxy

What can I say about Roxy? Other than that she is the only Canadian I have photographed so often!

Here we are: A new Friday and I am here with a series of goodies. A few weeks ago, Roxy came over to my house so we could shoot some video content for a secret project I am working on that rhymes with “Bowflex,” and in-between looks I decided to grab my Leica M6 and snap some shots of her while she was rolling around in bed hanging out.

I shot these with black and white film, and somewhere during development, I fucked up so there are white lines that are sitting on top of the image. No idea what they are, but I am pretty into them. “No Neave, do not fret about the weird lines in your film photos. They look great! You look great! You also smell great.”

My fantasy… whatever.


Every Friday, Neave shares a photo set on called “Rendezvous.” You’re welcome.

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